Rhodes is "the Knights’ Island ", the island of Helios the "sun god" and the capital of the Dodecanese. It lies at the southeastern edge of Greece and is one of the islands in the Dodecanese group. It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, with an area of ​​1,398 square kilometres and a 220 km long coastline. The island is long and narrow in shape and has a maximum length of 77km and a maximum width of 37km. The geographical terrain is exceptionally rich and very diverse.The sun shines in Rhodes during most of the year. The climate of the island is humid, something which is especially noticeable in the summer as temperatures are also high.

rhodes Medieval Castle
rhodes lindos

The island welcomes thousands of visitors every year from all over the world. These visitors enjoy the island’s natural beauty and the modern infrastructure of hotels, recreation, cuisine and water sports which blends in with the island’s natural attributes. The island is also full of history and tourists enjoy walking the narrow streets of the biggest medieval town in Europe which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the beauty does not stop in the Old Town of Rhodes, but continues as we leave the city and visit the rest of the island. The ancient sites of Filerimos and Kameiros, the valley of the butterflies, Kallithea with its old spa waters, the famous beach and golf course at Afantou are only some of the points of interest for visitors. Moving to the south of the island you can see the famous village of Lindos, with picturesque streets and mansions, as well as the medieval villages in the south, where the traditional architecture and traditions are still. The island can be reached by boat or air. There are many flights in the summer from "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport in Athens, from Thessaloniki, from some Aegean islands, and also from many European cities. Flights land at the "Diagoras" Rhodes airport, which is 14 kilometers from the island’s capital. Many tourists travel by taxi and bus, but those who want to discover all the hidden corners of the island will need to drive. There are also daily boats to all the otherwise inaccessible beaches, as well as to the neighbouring islands.

rhodes elafaki aristic village