Nikos is self-taught and has been active in fine arts for a considerable length of time. He makes contemporary ceramics and other art works, either by hand or with a potter’s wheel. He uses motifs which are either engraved or painted with ceramic strips, pigment or oxides.

These ceramics are a part of his work, but he also creates artworks and compositions ​​from various materials such as clay, wood, bronze, iron, aluminium, etc.

Finally, he is also involved in painting and creates special works with a variety of themes. Every piece of his art bears his own unique hallmark.


Yannis studied at AKTO (School of Applied Arts) and graduated in “Industrial Product Design" and "Architecture and Interior Design". His work combines and blends current trends and new ideas with the specificity and long-term nature of the business.

His work is centred around modern ceramics, sculptures, various compositions and art works made from a variety of materials.


Themi usually works by hand. Most of her work is ornamental and she creates special shapes, forms and figures which are crafted using static ceramic techniques. These are painted with pigments and ceramic strips, sometimes plain and sometimes glazed.

Finally, she also produces artistic jewellery and has created many items with materials such as clay, glass and metals, combined with aluminium wire, brass, copper and many other materials.

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